Monday, March 16, 2009

sewing donations...

i had forgotten a couple of things over the past couple of weeks.  or, rather, i had forgotten that some many events were coinciding at the end of March.  It's my medium-sized bug's birthday (she'll be three, she's happy to announce to anyone in earshot) and the party is next weekend.  i'm going to my 20th (!) high school reunion this weekend.  and the biggest bug's school is having a fund-raising auction the first weekend in april.

none of this would matter much except (a) i made a commitment to myself to make tutus (10 of them) for my medium bug's birthday and (b) i made a commitment to the school to make some children's clothing for the auction and (c) i'm going to be out of town for the reunion this weekend.  

so.  i'm busily cutting, planning and fretting.  

i'm making the tutus from a no-sew pattern, so i can actually take those with me and work on them in the plane.  wait, i'm going with my medium bug, so that's really not going to work.   but hope springs eternal.

i'm making a dress for the auction that i've already made, so i have the pattern cut out, i have the materials and it should be relatively easy.  same with the pants.    but i feel as though i should do it this week.

and i need to get a haircut by thursday.

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