Wednesday, December 2, 2009

if 2009 was the year of stash-busting, then 2010 is...

the year of WIP completion.  i've got a ton of them (WIPs, that is), so i might have to designate the upcoming decade to their completion.

perhaps when i have a few hours to spare, i'll post all of my erstwhile knitting projects on the blog.   but meanwhile, you can find a few of them on my ravelry page...   the 14 or so WIPs on that page are, i am sad to say, but a few of the ones i have lying around the house.   

i think i have a problem.  i mean, i must have loved these sad, neglected projects at some point in my life, right?  how could i have cast them aside like this -- constantly searching for the perfect project.  

well, something must be done.   and i've got a hunch that 2010 is just the year i've been waiting for.  


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