Thursday, November 19, 2009

thanksgiving dress

thanksgiving dress, originally uploaded by flanmela.

i'm on a sewing jag. i saw this adorable fabric at a great brooklyn fabric shop -- fiber notion -- and had to get it. it has a lovely metallic print that doesn't quite come through in the pictures.

the dress is another from everyday girls dress, but -- i don't know if i cut the pattern incorrectly or what -- it's a good bit shorter than the pictures show it as being. still, a very cute tunic!

and, to all of those non-existent readers out there, please excuse my poor photo-layout.  i can't for the life of me figure out how to post more than one picture in a neat, appealing way.


  1. I am suitably impressed! I knew you were crafty with knits and cooking but didn't know you also sewed clothing! I will send you my measurements shortly.

  2. Hi there you sneeky blogger! LOVE the dresses.

  3. wow! i couldn't believe it when i saw that i had THREE comments! whoop!

    nancy -- i started sewing this past year and love it. it's instant gratification, but i do need to branch out and start sewing things for my other 2 children... adult clothing, i've tried, with limited success.

    and jen -- yep, i'm sneaky! and lazy. i bet this doesn't last long. but for now, it's a way for me to document my sewing. we'll see how it goes!