Monday, November 16, 2009

birthday pj bottoms

birthday pj bottoms, originally uploaded by flanmela.

every one of the birthday parties my children go to are always prefaced by a hectic trip to the local toy store, to pick out a thoughtful (ummm, 10 seconds of thought counts, right?) gift.

so, i decided this year that i would make birthdays easier for myself by making a load of pajama bottoms, so i can just grab a pair and toss it, with a white t-shirt, in a bag and .... voila! instant birthday gift!

well, not so "instant", as i spent a good 3 hours cutting and pressing fabric for 7 pair of pants. and, as of right now, i only have finished 3 (and one is for my own little birthday boy). BUT i still contend this is a good idea and above is the first of my "year of the PJ bottoms gift".

okay, now my middle monster is asking me to share the computer, so -- adios!

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