Thursday, November 12, 2009

My first "made up" and knit project, all rolled into one

I made this little cutie for a good friend's daughter and I loved how it turned out. i particularly like the lettuce edging on the straps.

it was done pretty much freehand -- i just cut out pieces in the shapes and sizes i was looking for and pieced them together -- doing the front and back pieces first, with some gathers at the chest -- and then putting them together and finally adding the straps, which i had put a rolled hem on prior to attaching. i did all of this, including the poorly executed blind hem, on my serger (which i am in love with).

all of this is very strongly inspired by the japanese craft books i've been obsessing over lately. we're talking HOURS of my time wasted.

so. that's it. a cute little diddy.

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