Sunday, November 14, 2010

Christmas pjs in progress

Christmas pjs in progress, originally uploaded by flanmela.

i've started the kids' christmas pjs. i'm hoping to have them done by thanksgiving, so as to enjoy them for the entire month of december.

but, that being said, i'm using a vintage pattern for the middle bug's nightgown and -- while it's long enough for a 7 year old (she's 4 and the pattern's for a 4yo), the neck circumference barely fits around my wrist. kids from the 50s must have been very tall with very small necks. or they just were all chokey in their pjs.

so, i might be tacking the collar down, as i've done in this picture. or maybe i'll just leave the top button undone.

either way, i think i'm going to finish this tomorrow and will love it. the boys get pants in co-ordinating plaid flannel. god, how i love willing (if ambivalent) participants!

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