Monday, November 22, 2010

thanksgiving napkins

thanksgiving napkins, originally uploaded by flanmela.

i have discovered, since i began sewing, a very surprising fact: i love ironing. and this project is *the* project for ironing lovers!

i saw this post on purlbee awhile ago and promptly went out to my local fabric shop a bought 2 yds of linen and some fall-themed half yard pieces. it's taken me a while to actually do the sewing, but once i started, it only took 2 hrs to make the 10 napkins. here they are:

thanksgiving napkins

there is a lot of pressing, but i've discovered that i enjoy the pre-sewing process as much, if not more, than the sewing itself. and the results are really lovely. thanks, purlbee!

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  1. Lovely! How do these wash up? Does shrinkage cause any problems?