Monday, January 24, 2011

dream house, dreamy project

full front, originally uploaded by flanmela.

i bought my dream house last weekend. it's definitely a fixer upper, but it has great bones and once the renovation is done, it's going to be fabulous. i'll be giving it to my five-year old daughter on her birthday and i hope it'll be loved and used for a long, long time.

but in the meantime, i get to go *crazy* renovating it!! i've just bought some exterior paint and am experimenting with that now. i have grand plans for the interior --

full back

including wall paper, new flooring and -- of course -- adorable, miniature furniture. there is an abundance of information and resources out there for making and renovating dollhouses (the likes of which, i never knew). the (lack of) limit to the number of things that can be obsessed over never ceases to amaze me!

oh, and the bulk of this renovation will be occurring (hopefully out of kids' sight) in our basement, thus making it a very appropriate subject for my "downstairs brooklyn" blog.

meanwhile, i'm off to finish the middle monster's "mulan dress". she is very thorough in her love of all dresses disney -- though she doesn't know who mulan is, she knows and wants the dress.

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