Tuesday, February 1, 2011

primed and ready!

dollhouse, primed to be painted, originally uploaded by flanmela.

the exterior of the house is fully sanded and primed (well, not the shingles, but i don't think those need to be primed...) I've pinked out a color for the house (freudian slip that i let stand) and can't wait to get it looking less like a haunted house and more like a real doll house!

i've painted one side already and can tell you: it is no easy task! i have much respect for painters of REAL houses, and now, more so! it's hard, detail driven work. but i've given myself plenty of time (b-day is end of march) so i'm not feeling overwhelmed.

once the outside is done, i'll start playing with the interior!

well, enough chatting. i have approximately 1 hour before the afternoon rush begins. off to paint!

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