Thursday, February 17, 2011

girl scouts, eat your hearts out!

i am obsessed with quite a few things in NYC. many of my obsessions are found in bakeries all over the city. they run long and deep (i'm still pining over that amazing stollen i had from almondine four years ago...) i usually try to beat them into submission by spending months researching, baking , eating ....

some years ago (5? 6?), a good friend of ours gave me a little brown bag and told me that he had gotten these cookies from a new little sandwich shop, called 'wichcraft. there in lay bits and pieces of a peanut butter sandwich cookie that was amazing. amazing. it was in bits and pieces because it is such a delicate cookie, but its delicacy only adds to the experience -- it's both rich and dainty. and it's delicious.

now there are 'wichcrafts all over the city -- but none in brooklyn! time to take matters into my own hands. and the recipe i found was right on the money. a fabulous cookie.

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